Centralized Shutdown and Wake-on-LAN - EMCO Remote Shutdown

Remote Shutdown and WOL Tool for Automatic Management of Network PCs

EMCO Remote Shutdown is a solution for centralized management of network PCs. You can shutdown, reboot, hibernate, wake up remote PCs, send them a message and perform other operations. All remote actions allow to manage one or multiple PCs located in LAN/WAN, including PCs that belong to different workgroups, domains and subnets. Remote shutdown, Wake-on-LAN and other operations can be initiated manually or automatically on schedule.
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 Latest version: 7.1
This product is available as a commercial and freeware editions with a different functionality. Check feature list for differences. Commercial edition can be evaluated for free. Freeware edition is free for personal and commercial usage.

EMCO Remote Shutdown includes features that allows you to simplify management of remote PCs across the network. By executing remote shutdown and wake up tasks on a regular basis to turn off PCs at night and on weekends, you can improve PC power management in your organization and save up to $50 per PC per year.

  • Centralized management of network PCs. If you have administrative permissions on remote PCs, you can manage them remotely to reboot, shutdown, wake up, etc. All operations can be performed with one remote PCs or multiple PCs at once on the same way - quickly and easily.
  • Automatic PC power management. Using advanced scheduling features you can completely automate all power management tasks across entire organization. For example, you can automatically shutdown PCs in the evening and turn them on in the morning on work days and keep them turned off on weekends and holidays.

How Does Remote Shutdown Work?

In order to execute remote shutdown, Wake-on-LAN or another supported task, at the first step you need to make a network scan in order to detect network hosts. Once scanning is completed, you can create a task to execute required operation. A task is configured by a list of target PCs and operation options. For example, for remote shutdown you can specify timeout, optional displayed message and allow or disallow remote users to cancel the operation. The you can select to run an operation immediately or schedule it for one-time or recurrent execution. You can as many tasks as you need to automate remote shutdown, Wake-on-LAN and other operations across the entire corporate network.

Shutdown and WOL in Enterprise Networks

  • Execution of remote shutdown, WOL, reboot and other operations on one or multiple PCs across network with an ability to cancel them on the remote side.
  • Operating across complex networks that may include multiple subnets, workgroups, domains.
  • Configuring remote operation targets by a static list of PCs or by a query reporting target PCs.

Automation of Shutdown, WOL and Other Tasks

  • Creation tasks with own operations, execution options, target PCs to be executed manually or automatically according with custom schedules.
  • Flexible scheduling options to execute tasks only once at a defined date and time or recurrently.
  • Easy tasks management and checking their execution results through a visual calendar.

Awards and Recognition

Year after year, EMCO Remote Shutdown has been receiving various awards from editors and readers of leading IT resources. These awards are the acknowledgement of our advanced product design and commitment to quality that we stick to.

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