What's New in Version 7

Below you can find a list of the latest product releases. Click on the release version to see what new features, improvements and bug-fixes appeared in a particular release.
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Please note that the list of versions only contains the versions defined as major updates. Changes from minor and bug-fix releases are represented here as changes to the corresponding major update versions that include those changes.

Version 7.0 (January 14, 2020)

Windows compatibility improvements

The program includes several changes to improve its compatibility with the latest builds and preview releases of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019.

Stability and performance improvements

The performance of remote operations executed in large networks is improved. The client/server communication protocol is optimized to increase the number of clients that can work concurrently with the same server.

Single distribution for all editions

Now all the editions of the program are available as a single installation, so you can easily switch to another edition. To change editions, you need to provide a license key only. The program preserves all your data after you switch editions.

Color themes in web reports

The program provides multiple color themes of web reports, so you can select a light, dark or high-contrast theme.

Improved access control

If a network has a complex structure including multiple trusted domains, it is possible to assign permissions for users from other domains.

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